About McGehee Textiles

Welcome to McGehee Textiles – The Blog! Founded by designer and artist Mindy McGehee-Cox. Mindy is a knitter, spinner, weaver, sewist, and designer. She specializes in creating bags made from her handwoven fabric, and especially enjoys designing project bags with the fiber artist in mind. Mindy hopes to share her ideas, techniques, and experiences with you here on the blog. All content on this site is written solely by Mindy. To shop her current inventory of handmade items and paid patterns, please visit the shop at http://www.mcgeheetextiles.com.

Below is a small gallery of some of Mindy’s work.

Feather Totes made by Mindy from handwoven wool and handwaxed canvas.

The Split-Brim Hat Pattern

My first knitting pattern was designed and published on ravelry in 2014. To date, it is still my most popular pattern with more than 850 linked projects on ravelry. I love to check out the new projects every now and then to see what other knitters have created using the pattern. The talent and creativity of fiber artists always amazes me! The photo below shows my then 3 year old modeling the first ever Split-Brim Toddler Hat. It was originally published in only one size, but I have since expanded the pattern to included multiple sizes; from baby to adult. 

Split-Brim Toddler Hat


My weaving journey began as a child when I received my first bead loom for Christmas one year. I wove miles of beaded designs on that little loom. It really sparked my love of weaving, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I was able to acquire my first rigid heddle loom, which naturally led to the need for a floor loom. Most of my weaving is currently done on my first floor loom, a 36″ Nilus Leclerc. As I have delved into weaving more tapestry style pieces, I have added a tapestry loom to my wish list.

The last stage of warping my floor loom, tying on to the front beam. (I exclusively warp back to front).
Weaving of the rainbow warp in progress. This is an overshot pattern called Lee’s Surrender.
One of the two wall hangings that I wove from this warp.


My spinning journey evolved naturally from my other fiber art endeavors. I treasure the meditative qualities of the art of spinning. I usually prefer to let the fiber speak for itself when I spin and have never been one to seek perfection or uniformity in my handspun yarn. The varying textures and colors add so much visual and tactile interest to my projects. My favorite fiber to spin so far is Targhee. It’s soft like Merino, but with more loft and bounce. Corriedale is a close second. It’s not quite as soft, but makes a very strong yarn that is great for weaving.


A finished hank of handspun Targhee singles. This was my 2019 Tour de Fleece project.
Weaving project that incorporated the handspun yarn pictured above.
One of the bags made using handwoven fabric made from the handspun yarn pictured above.