A free crochet scrunchie pattern. These work up super quickly! 10-15 minutes is all you need to whip up a stylish new hair accessory. The velvet and faux fur yarns are so luxurious! These scrunchies make amazing gifts and are great craft fair sellers! The ultimate instant gratification project!

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Materials Needed

Hair Elastics – I used the Goody Ouchless Elastics

A small amount of velvet or faux fur yarn

Crochet hook (Size I/5.5mm for faux fur yarn, or size G/6mm for velvet yarn) I love this set of ergonomic crochet hooks from Woocrafts. It comes with several useful accessories as well as a handy zippered storage case.

Scissors (I keep a pair of these whimsical unicorn scissors in my project bag).

Yarns Used

Bernat Velvet

Lion Brand Vel-Luxe

Lion Brand Go For Faux


Set Up Part 1:

Step 1: Place crochet hook through center of hair elastic.


Step 2: Loop yarn over hook and pull it into center of elastic.


Step 3: Wrap working yarn and tail around hook.


Step 4: Pull wrapped yarn through the loop on hook.


Set Up Part Two:

Step 1: Wrap tail around elastic as if you are making an overhand knot.


Step 2: pull tail, snugging the knot up close to the first stitch. Repeat this step once more.


Main Pattern:

Each stitch is worked into the center of the elastic, similar to the way a magic circle is worked.

  1. Ch 1
  2. Double crochet into the center of elastic the following number of times:

130 times if using Lion Brand Vel-Luxe.

100 times if using Bernat Velvet.

35 times if using Lion Brand Go For Faux.

*Note* As your stitch count increases, you will need to occasionally pull on the elastic and scrunch up your stitches to make room for more.



  1. Slip stitch into first stitch and tie off.
  2. Weave in ends and trim tail.

I hope you enjoy this free crochet scrunchie pattern and made these scrunchies for yourself, family and friends, or craft fairs! I would love to see your finished creations! You can tag me on instagram @mcgehee_textiles or find me on facebook as McGehee Textiles.